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About Surfin Life
Surfin Life is a surfing guide with infomation on all things to do with surfing.

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# Key Areas on the Surfin Life
  • Famous Surfers - Full listing of famous men and women surfers from around the globe. Including surfers from the current mens, womens, boys and girls surfing tours. The list also includes former champion men and women surfers.
  • Famous Beaches - Full listing of famous surfing beaches from around the globe. Including surf ratings, beach discription, type of wave and pictures of the beach. Feel free to send us any of your surf pics and we'll put them online.
  • Surfing Tips -Here's a list of surfing tips, how to surf, rules in the surf, reading the waves, surf schools and how fix your dings on your board.

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Surfing Life - Guide to surf culture and famous beaches for surfing online.
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