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Snapper Rocks

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Snapper Rocks
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Snapper Rocks is one of the best breaks along the east coast of Australia. It used to be an average wave until they started dredging in 1995 the sand out of the Tweed River and dumping it to the east of Snapper. With all this sand being dumped, it didn't take to long for it to build a super sand bank and become one of the longest waves in the world. There's plenty of places to stay, from back packer hostels to 5 star resorts. Surfers Paradise is just up the road if you want to get into the clubbing scene, there's also plenty of things to do around the Gold Coast if the surfs not working.

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# Surf Info
  • Surf Quality

    Surf rating - famous surfers famous surfers famous surfers famous surfers - Classic wave (great wave)
    Wave Consistency - Very consistent
    Experience Level - Experienced

  • Wave Info

    Bottom - Sand/rock
    Wave Direction
    - Right hand
    Type of Break - Point break
    Length of Ride - Long (150m - 300m) At its Best - Very long 300m - 500m+
    Power - Fast - powerful - hollow

  • Wind - Tide - Swell (At its best)

    Wind Direction - North/east - East - South/east
    Best Tide Position - All tides
    Swell Direction - South/east - South - South/west
    Swell Size - Works under 1m (3ft), Holds up to 3m (10ft)

  • More Info

    - Huge crowds
    Localism - Medium (not to bad)

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Snapper Rocks - Australian Beaches

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