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Here's a list of surfing tips, how to surf, rules in the surf, reading the waves, surf schools and how fix your dings on your board.


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  • Getting the Goods... Buying the Right Equipment - So you want to get into one of the worlds fastest growing sports, surfing. Surfing has become a multimillion dollar industry, over the past decade. Why? because surfing offers so much to an individual, I've tried just about all sports known to man and for me surfing leaves them all for dead, once your hooked your hooked for life.

  • The Art of surfing - Getting Around in the Waves - Now that you've brought all the necessary gear to get out amongst the waves, its time for some pointers on how to actually surf. I'll run through the lot step by step, just in case you didn't get a surfing lesson in before you hit the waves.

  • Catching Waves - Once you've mastered paddling around the water, the next step is trying to catch a wave and standing up. So first off, pick a nice spot where the waves are breaking out the back and the white water is coming through onto the beach.

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