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Pro Surfer Damien Hobgood

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DAmien Hobgood Quotes
Pro Surfer Damien Hobgood

Damien Hobgood

July 6, 1979

Melbourne, Florida, United States of America

Best Pro Tour Creds: finished 4th, 2006

Board Shaper:
Bill Johnson

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Damien Hobgood Quotes
# I think the media kind of does that, but as a surfer, you’re always trying to do what you do and to elevate your game.

Damien Hobgood Quotes

# Every one is elevating their games, but we don’t have coaches. So the person that’s going to help you is the one that knows you best. That’s either going to be your travel partner or your brother.
Damien Hobgood Quotes

# The waves on tour too, it might be super big and gnarly and you’re not feeling it, so you’ve got to have that person to get you amped up to want to do that.
Damien Hobgood Quotes

I’m super stoked, and I’m glad that I could do it, but surfers look more at what they’re doing wrong than what they’re doing right. As my year goes on, I’m thinking, “I lost at J-bay, that was my heat.” Now, if I can just clear my mistakes and always be on my game then I could be in the elite.
Damien Hobgood Quotes

# It’s just like anything, if you work and that’s all you think about 24/7, you’re going to burn out.
Damien Hobgood Quotes

# Oh yeah, for sure. I think surfing’s more popular now than it ever has been, and I especially feel that when I go back home. I used to barely see any kids surfing in our town.
Damien Hobgood Quotes

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Famous American Pro Surfer Damien Hobgood

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