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Pro Surfer Taj Burrow

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Taj Burrow Quotes
Pro Surfer Taj Burrow

Taj Burrow

2 June 1978

Busselton, Western Australia

Best Pro Tour Creds: finished 2nd 1999 & 2002

Board Shaper:
Greg Webber, Firewire and James Cheal

Regular - natural foot

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Taj Burrow Quotes
# Yeah, there’s definitely more guys on Tour now that are really thinking about airs and know there are big scores available if you nail one, especially at the start of a wave.

Taj Burrow Quotes

# I just like the idea of trying something that no one's ever tried before, and I really wanted to know if it was possible.
Taj Burrow Quotes

# When you get slung into a ramp with the right section, you can go into orbit. Even though you don't always make 'em.
Taj Burrow Quotes

The Tour, trips-I don't like missing out. I especially like getting amazing photos and video sections people are gonna be entertained by. I definitely like blowing people away.
Taj Burrow Quotes

# Well, for sure, doing stuff in the wavepool and the helicopter stuff at the time was enough to show I want to do new stuff. That's what I'm after. Always looking for something new.
Taj Burrow Quotes

# I've been so negative with my injuries, and I feel like I'm on a downhill spiral. I get such sore lower backs, and my body's not physically fit enough to do what I want to.
Taj Burrow Quotes

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Famous Australian Pro Surfer Taj Burrow

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