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Hawaii, Oahu, USA

PIpeline is one of the worlds most famous surfing breaks. Its also known around the world as one of the most heaviest, intense waves to surf.

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# Surf Info
  • Surf Quality

    Surf rating - famous surfers famous surfers famous surfers famous surfers famous surfers - Awesome break (world class)
    Wave Consistency - Regular
    Experience Level - Pros (expert)

  • Wave Info

    Bottom - Reef (coral)
    Wave Direction
    - Left hand
    Type of Break - Reef break
    Length of Ride - Short (50m)
    Power - Fast and hollow

  • Wind - Tide - Swell (At its best)

    Wind Direction - South
    Best Tide Position -
    Swell Direction - West - north/west
    Swell Size - Works 1.5m (5ft), Holds up to 4m+ (12ft)

  • More Info

    - Huge crowds
    Localism - Heavy

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- Oahu


Pipeline - Hawaiian Beaches

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